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More Liverpool Artists Abroad – SOUP in Norway

Great to see that despite the economic climate international artistic collaboration and exchange continues.

small projects
Grønnegata 23,
9008, Tromsø

12 -26 March 2011

After the recent collaboration at Metal, Liverpool between Soup Collective artist Wendy Williams and Jet Pascua from Norway, the UK group were invited to meet the Norwegian artists and exhibit at Jet’s artspace – Small Projects.

Soup Collective Int (SCI ) are a branch of Soup Collective – an established  UK Artists group set up in Liverpool in 2001 .

While Soup Collective only consist of artists who have a connection to the gallery – Tate Liverpool, the need to expand practices and open doors to collaborations with similar like minded artists further afield, lead to the onset of a new group.

Although the two groups will continue to work together, it is SCI who will lead on International projects, such as the Trade exhibition at Small Projects, Tromsø.

Why ‘Trade’?  ‘We see the project as a trading of ideas to explore the similarities and differences in artistic practices, as being able to respond to a new environment, language, community and culture.’

nanbursaryborderThe exhibition will combine  the work of original members of Soup Collective with invited artists from outside the group. The exhibition explores the notion of cultural differences.

The group have received a NAN bursary from a-n, to enable two  Members of SCI – Wendy Williams and Carolyn Shepherd  to bring the project to Tromsø.