Mersey Photography Exhibition by Colin McPherson

MBC_Merseyroad-34.jpg‘MERSEY – the river that changed the world’ – photography by Colin McPherson.

Book and exhibition to be launched on 6th December, 2007 at the Albert Dock

The brief was straightforward: to photograph the river Mersey, from source to sea. Interpreting such a project would be more difficult.

How do you capture the essence of a waterway that begins as a trickle high in the Peak District and empties out into Liverpool Bay? A river encompassing rural beauty, industrial decay, regeneration and economic wealth. That passes major towns and cities and is a visual testament to the region’s history. That twists through undiscovered and forgotten backwaters. And that touches peoples’ lives and provides employment and enjoyment for many.

The Mersey revealed so many secrets and surprises at every turn that it proved easy to photograph. Over the course of a year, I spent so long in the river’s company that I discovered how a modern river works. It provides work for some, recreation for others and shapes the environment around it. It is the inspiration for artists and rich historical resource for future generations.

I was captivated by the form and function of the river; an environment shaped by the human hand that I photographed without people. I looked for the extremes of night and day, hot and cold, light and dark. And all the while the Mersey was a good companion to me. In the end, the river, as it has for so many people, became my friend.


The book and exhibition entitled ‘Mersey – the river that changed the world’ will be launched on 6th December. The book (edited by Ian Wray) is published by Bluecoat Press, priced £17.99 while the exhibition will have its first showing at the Grand Hall, Albert Dock, Liverpool until mid-January 2008, before touring across the North West. Both projects are supported and sponsored by the Mersey Basin Campaign and United Utilities.

Colin McPherson

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