Memory Project Comes to Williamson Sq. this Weekend

This will be in Williamson Square over the Bank Holiday weekend, sounds interesting…

There are some images from Edinburgh on the main page

o2 Memory Project

Over the years, physical diaries, photo albums and shoe boxes have kept our personal memories safe.

A generation from now, printed matter might not exist. We are already relying on hard drives, websites and mobile phones to store our digital memories. Our lives will be downloaded as a matter of course for future generations to examine, adore or even ignore.

Lose your phone and you lose more than your handset and your SIM card: pictures of loved ones, video clips from a happy moment and those texts you could never delete. These cherished experiences face extinction without a safe home. Bluebook from O2 is a natural step in memory gathering – free online storage for numbers, texts and photos. You can dictate your life to Bluebook, so nothing is lost.

Inspired by Bluebook, the artist Jason Bruges has created The Memory Project – a 21st century ‘cyclorama’. The structure camera-captures panoramic moments in time and stores them within its digital memory bank. Inside, visitors can explore the stored history of the installation and interact with the displayed 360 degree images.

The Memory Project tours in April 2008, collating the mass memory of London, Edinburgh and Liverpool en route. You can delve even deeper into these public memory banks at from Friday 18th April 2008.

Sat 3rd- Mon 5th May 2008
Williamson Square