Meccano – Frank Hornby Experience, Maghull

Fond memories via the NML Blog

On 17 and 18 November Maghull will be celebrating the life and achievements of its most famous resident with the ‘Frank Hornby Experience‘. It promises to be a weekend of cranes, trains and automobiles, albeit very small ones, with an exhibition of Meccano, Hornby and Dinky toys. All of these were invented by Frank Hornby, the man credited with changing the world of play for children in the twentieth century.

Some items from the Museum of Liverpool’s collections will be on display there, including the shop sign shown above which dates from before the Second World War. Curator Sharon Brown, the person behind the Meccano exhibition held at National Museums Liverpool back in 2001, say that the sign is a bit misleading:

“Meccano was mainly marketed at boys but girls loved it too. I had Meccano when I was little and am currently (with a modern set) building a Meccano Ferris Wheel!”