Maypole on the Mersey

Maypole-200.jpgMaypole On The Mersey’ (True Story)

It may look like an easy thing to do – maypole dancing in the Mersey – but if you think about it there are many considerations and hazards; wind speed and direction, the height of the pole and the length of the ribbons.

Will it be high or low tide? Will there be squabbles over which ferry gets what colour ribbon? Will there be full radio contact maintained between all ferries? Will the captains remember the dance sequences? Will the ships’ horns be in tune and keep to the rhythm?

The rehearsals hadn’t gone too well – ‘a good sign’, some said, ‘because that means they’ll get it right on the day’.

On the first of May, in bright sunshine, the Iris, Daffodil, Woodchurch, Bluebell, Tulip, Snowdrop, Primrose, Waterlilly, Shamrock, Rose, Pansy and Crocus danced all afternoon until their propellers ached.

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