Liverpool Discovers – 14 Feb to 20 Mar 2011

More details are emerging about the Liverpool Discovers event and it’s looking rather good.

“Liverpool Discovers is a landmark public art event taking place between 14th February and 20th March 2011. It will tell the remarkable story of Liverpool – its greats, first, lesser -known, history and current day stories- through a quirky and fun trail of outdoor art installations by some of the UK’s most exciting public artists. Wirral and St. Helens will also have their very own trail while being integral to the wider event.

The stories and facts on which the event is based are the result of a public consultation with the people of Liverpool where they were invited to send in their personal ‘nuggets’ of secret knowledge to directly inform the event.

The Liverpool Discovers Trail will take visitors on a journey around the famous and not-so-famous places of Liverpool, St. Helens and Wirral. 13 interactive and quirky installations covering 10 themes will tell the city’s fascinating story in a new and exciting way. A free map will guide residents and tourists around the trail with the installations numerically ordered to allow the visitor to follow it in an easy and logical way. Liverpool Discovers is completely free to visit.”

Stephenson's-Destinator-by-Aragorn-Horner Heaven--Earth-by-Andy-Plant-jpg

Artists Impressions: Stephenson’s Destinator by Aragorn Horner and Heaven & Earth by Andy Plant

I’m especially looking forward to trying out Stephenson’s ‘Destinator’ which will be at Lime Street. The artist describes it as “Mr Stephenson’s patented device for the dispensation of destiny ad truth. Passengers should pass one at a time through the machine, pausing to depress the lever.  Passengers will then find themselves duly enlightened. Passengers may then pass forward to their new lives with hope and impunity via platforms 1 and 2.”

Also amazing that Toxteth born Jeremiah Horrocks is considered the father of British Astrophysics even though he died at the age of 22! The Heaven and Earth animated sculpture which includes a working orrery will be at the Pier Head.

There’s lots of info on the website and the facebook page