Liverpool Baltic Artists Exhibiting in Finland


If you happen to be in Finland later this month take a look at this exhibition featuring the Baltic Artists (Anna Benson and Roisin Hyland) .

Is This Tomorrow
Tämäkö huominen
From: Choterina Freer, Baltic Artists, Maria Karoliina Lukala, Joona Lukala
Date:18.3-17.4.2011 Brinkkalan Galleriassa

This is tomorrow

People are moving to Mars, the gallery walls are breaking and letting in the viewers experience of art, rag and bone artists turn unwanted items into art they trade on, music is composed of, in and to the digital environment where it spreads without boundaries to hold it down.

The Brinkkala gallery presents the artwork of five artists, looking at the future through recent economic crisis.
We invite people to share their photos of motherhood, trade their junk to art, and listen to the environment the most of us spent most their days in; the digital one….
By the end of it all you might wonder: What if we leave all this and move into Mars…
But will things be any different there?

This is tomorrow combines artists from two recent culture capital cities, and challenges the art making traditions.


  1. More triple from these so called artists who spend their time, copying other artist ideas, pretending it is actually any good!
    Time to go back to Art School!


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