Live Art at Bluecoat – Susannah Hewlett, May 28

Its-Not-You-2008.jpgLIVE ART at the Bluecoat

Susannah Hewlett’s “It’s Not You” celebrates the television gameshow – the “high(er)s and low(er)s” of Saturday night TV’s winners and loosers, the anticipation and deflation and a host of hosts and their glamorous assistants.

A series of performances and installations inhabit spaces around the Bluecoat where you are invited to seek out the work.

It’s the instant tabloid fame; it’s the blender and the exercise bike. It’s one of the top ten answers. It’s what you could have won. It’s the spotlight that just went out. It’s Not You.

Wednesday 28th May 6-10pm as part of The Variable Capital Exhibition Late Night Lock-In.

It’s Not You is Live Art Uk Touring commission supported by Arts Council England.