Lecture – An Insight Into the Commercial Art World

SaLon Lecture Series 2008


Tuesday 29th April 2008

Liverpool Hope University
The Cornerstone Building
1 Haigh Street (Off Shaw Street), L3 8QB
Grace Room (COR 114), 12.30pm
Admission – Free

Samir Ceric, art dealer and founder of London based SaLon Gallery will be giving a talk about the professional art environment while providing guidance and an insight into the survival and success in the commercial art world. His experience has been substantially gained through access to some of the most talented graduates from art schools around the UK for SaLon Gallery shows.

The talk will include


Information on how to price artwork correctly, how to present work so that it would appeal to dealers and collectors and the possible dangers arising within the commercial art world

Insight on what makes art highly collectable and sought after, such as the media and subject matter that collectors and dealers find most appealing.

Art investment opportunities with hedge funds and what the future may hold for art viewed as a trading commodity. It provides an interesting basis for discussion with the students when the talk is opened up to questions.

With forged partnerships in both Moscow and New York graduates can benefit from a creative exchange and the means to show their art outside the UK discussion will examine this international exchange and the benefits of such a collaboration. In June 2008, the gallery is
exhibiting in New York ‘The Best of the UK Art Scene 2007’ which will highlight some of the most talented recent graduates the UK produced in 2007.

An interesting basis for discussion with the students when the talk is opened up to questions

The SaLon Gallery plays a key role in the dynamic art scene emerging from the UK. Discovering, mentoring and promoting the country*s most talented recent art graduates giving them a platform to showcase their work in a professional gallery environment. Recent graduates have thus displayed their work to many influential people within the art world.
New artists with critical acclaim, such as the Royal Academy’s Samuel Jackson and the Slade’s Ian Larson, have been SaLon protégés.

Mr Ceric is a member of the Contemporary Art Society and patron of Serpentine Future Contemporaries.