Launch of Ron Davies Calendar for 2009 – 11 Sept 08


Launch of ‘Crosby’s Man for all Seasons’ 2009, the new calendar of Antony Gormley’s Another Place by Crosby based photographer Ron Davies.

The launch will take place at Unit 18 (a short distance from the Tate), Albert Dock, Liverpool on Thursday 11th September, the venue for Ron’s current exhibition of photographs of Another Place.

6.00pm – 8.00pm

RSVP. Ron Davies, Tel. 0151 931 2301

Calendar Info:

Ron Davies, LBIPP., is an established professional commercial and fine art photographer who has been based in Crosby, near Liverpool for over thirty years. This is the second calendar of Antony Gormley’s Another Place that he has self published, the 2008 edition proving to be a very popular item.

“Since their installation on Crosby Beach in July 2005, I have been photographing the iron men of Antony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’ at every opportunity; endeavouring to capture the spirit and very essence of the sculpture by using the figures as foreground objects against the dramatic weather conditions and skies that are experienced along this part of the coast. Some of the images portray a lonely figure standing firm against the elements, whilst others capture the haunting beauty and silence of twilight on the beach, the iron sculptures being a perfect portrayal of art and nature in harmony.

The iron men have brought art, inspiration, creativity, joy and dissention to the Sefton area; most of all they are a magnet for visitors, drawing people from all over the world to view their silent vigil on Crosby beach.

To stand amongst the figures at dusk or dawn, when the beach is quiet and the light ethereal, is a truly unique experience. You belong yet do not belong, you are at peace with yourself and nature, in harmony with the artwork and inspired by the raw beauty of the earth at one of its transitional moments. Sunrise and sunset are those moments in time, space even, when one becomes aware of the movement of the earth through the universe. The sun appears to rise and set against the distant horizon, but we know that it is our planet, spinning through space that creates this illusion. The sun is constant, the centre of our solar system and, by the earth’s rotation, merely casting its light on another place.

My favourite time to share the beach with the figures is just after sunset, that magical hour of transposition into darkness. The sea reflects the afterglow and appears almost luminous, the last thing to darken as the light fades from the sky, the blue of day dissolving to green and then to a translucent grey. The sculptures become dark against the water, solid black against the movement of nature all around them. The only sounds are the lapping of the waves and the distant echoing cry of a seabird as it flaps off into the descending darkness. It seems that, at this moment, even the sea becomes calm and hushed as though in awe of the scene and this is when the iron men reveal their secrets and purpose on the beach, perhaps as their creator intended.

I hope you enjoy the images within and that they bring home to you some of the experiences and emotions that I have felt whilst down on the beach amongst the sculptures. Perhaps they will also inspire you to visit the iron men of Crosby Beach.

Due acknowledgment must be given to Antony Gormley for the inspiration and pleasure that his art has provided.”

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