Kevin Atherton- In Two Minds at FACT

kevin-atherton.jpgAnalogue: Kevin Atherton In Two Minds as part of ‘Analogue’ at FACT, Friday March 3 2007. Review and photography By Tony Knox

Live video performance by artist Kevin Atherton In Two Minds, in which Atherton attempts a mediated conversation with a younger version of himself, first performance twenty seven years ago at the serpentine gallery London, made possible through video technology.

Atherton’s sitting on a table with a bottle of water he continued a debate with a back projector of himself as the figure from his twenty’s also sitting on a table,

Atherton reacted to the pre filmed dissuasion with himself, it was like experiencing an argument with the folly of youth as the huge black and white Atherton’s tried to antagonise and win an argument,


  1. I worked on this, and it was brilliant. Truly inventive, and thankfully revisited, nearly 30 years after it was orginally done. You got sucked into his argument with himself, and he managed to maintain timing and sense throughout. Really fun


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