Friday, September 29, 2023
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Join the (arty) Gang at 3345 on Monday

The Gang is a loose gathering of artists from diverse fields such as performance, video ,physical computing, Dance, VJing, music, sound art, cabaret, writing, painting and knife fighting.
Ok, perhaps not the last one.
We gather every fortnight with aims to : help each other out, inspire each other, collaborate and get a bit of moral support!
Sometimes we talk business around the meeting table, but the next meeting will be a social / all comers welcome / hanging out / informal beer drinking / nonsense talking kind of affair.
So, this is an open invitation to anyone who feels they aren’t part of a supportive art gang (and would like to be) to come along!

Time : 19-30
Day : Monday the 31st July
Place : 3345 Parr Street, Liverpool
Attitude code : relaxed sociable

Identification : bring a red object or item of clothing (red carnation, red hat, large ruby, etc.) if you want us to recognise you. Otherwise, just stride boldly up to the group of people talking arty.

Contact Steve Grant if you require more details.