John Lennon Anniversary Canvas up for Auction

The John Lennon Collage c. Anthony BrownYou don’t have much time to make a bid.
From Liverpool artists Anthony Brown…

The John Lennon Canvas is a large 5ft by 4ft mixed media work comprising every aspect of his life and utilising a collection of newspapers and magazines from 25 years ago (yes, you know I throw nothing away!). The newspapers include many of the daily papers alongside our own Liverpool Echo and Daily Post. Reproductions (including John’s birth and marriage certificates/photographs/signed CD covers etc.) are pasted along with many original items to form the base of an oil painting of the greatest icon of modern times.

The completed work is to be displayed at the private John Lennon Memorial Service to be held at Our Lady Of St Nicholas Church on Thursday 8th December, this will follow with its display in the windows of the new Andrew Collinge store on Castle St on Friday 9th December through to Saturday 10th December.
The work is to be auctioned and sold to the highest bidder. The initial auction will take place on the evening of Sat 10th December, there will be a reserve price set and the possibility of the piece being auctioned via the world wide web. This is a substantial piece of work that marks a point in time and although it is one of two (the second will be unveiled in the Spring of 2006) this work is truly unique and unrivaled, proving to be the finest work in this style by the artist.

The opportunity exists for sealed bids to be accepted and these can be submitted by post :
EMSO, 2 St Pauls Villas, Birkenhead, Wirral CH42 3XJ,
or by email : or Please head all correspondence with the title ‘ The John Lennon Canvas’.

All bids to be received by the morning of Saturday 10th December.


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