Found A Pound Launches Gallery Walking Tour

Independents-logo-150Found a Pound has launched a Gallery Walking Tour to help you lose a few pounds by finding some pounds.

Artist and Found a Pound creator Rowan Seddon-Harvey says “Found a Pound is a fun treasure hunt to find nearly £1000 in pound coins hidden in art galleries and public spaces during the 2010 Liverpool Biennial and our Gallery Walking Tour is a fantastic way to lose weight whilst seeing great art and hunting down our pound coins, plus receive yummy healthy gifts from Tropical Wholefoods and Eat Natural to give you an extra boost.”

“The event aims to encourage giving and we start by giving to YOU, £1 coins, all you have to do is find them . Visit for clues and to download a gallery walking tour map. Show the map to a member of the gallery staff in participating galleries to receive a free gift from Tropical Wholefoods or Eat Natural. You will also be able to find copies of the map to take away in art galleries and participating venues across the city.”

“This Magical Mystery Tour will take you on a journey around the biggest and most popular galleries in Liverpool as well as some of the smallest and least known.”

“If you find a pound or if you have a pound of your own, visit our Use It and Spend It pages to find imaginative ways on how a simple pound coin can make a difference. Don’t know your neighbours? Buy them a pound of sugar!”

Extra pounds will also be hidden during the Biennial Long Night on the 18th of November, see for details.

Why a pound? Nearly a quarter of the worlds population lives on a pound a day or less. Spend the pound on anything at all, a cup of tea, a bar of chocolate or drop it in the hat of a busker. Although it’s just small change, you could use it to make a bigger change.

Why Liverpool? Liverpool is the most generous city in the UK! Warm-hearted Liverpool residents are “exceptionally generous” when it comes to giving to charity, according to World Vision. The charity awarded Liverpool with the title of the most generous city in the UK during a presentation to then Mayor of Liverpool, Mike Storey in 2009.


35 venues where you can find pounds: The Walker, FACT, The Biennial Visitors Centre, Renshaw St, St Georges Hall Heritage Centre, CUC Contemporary Urban Centre, Arena Studios, Domino Gallery, Metal at Edge Hill Station, Seagrass Studio Gallery, Editions,, Corke Gallery, Dee Fine Arts , Blackburne House, Gallery4allarts, Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre, Gostins Gallery, Leaf Tea Shop and Bar, The Wirral Open Studio Tour – (15 Venues), Botanic Gardens Museum – Southport, Madelainartz, Visit for updates and more details.

When looking for coins we ask people to be aware that the coins will not be found on or in any works of art. You will not need to touch anything or enter restricted areas to find the pounds. Nearly all venues hide the pound in a common area, not in gallery space. When a pound is found, venues will replace the coin the next day or every other day at varying times, so if a coin has been found, there may not be another coin to find immediately. If you are looking for pounds in a gallery, tell a member of staff, they may be able to help.