First Demolition Event at SITE Saturday June 30

BINARY JAM 002 @ Demolition!, SITE, Albert Dock, Liverpool
A Celebration of Electronica, Live Sampling Techniques, Creative Programming and Film.
12.00 – 18.00 Saturday 30th June

Mercy‘s mental exhibition programme continues, with the first live event we’ve held in the Demolition exhibition space since it opened and everyone got sugar in their socks and egg on their face.

We’ve got loads of shit-hot musicians coming down to show us what they can do with contact mics, samplers, keyboards, household drills, fireworks, guitars and glass tables, for six hours of mindblowing geekery on a Saturday afternoon.

It’s also another chance to see the progress of the most exciting exhibition since the world fair burned down in 1921 – and perhaps even a few additional exhibits!

Bring your own booze, fags, mobile phones and hats. We’ll provide the conversation points.

This is the line up:

featuring live performances by:
— German/ London based artist Wendt presented the Frequenzen radio program on Resonance 104.4FM until his recent paternity break. He runs the 12×50 Recordings label in London which is home to international artists and projects. More of his sounds can be found at the 8bitrecs sound gallery. Check the links: 12× // //

DANIEL BARRETT / soundnetwork / / Manchester
— musician, sound artist and sound researcher who uses the ambient sonic qualities of the environment to explore contextual, historical and personal issues in the many forms of the urban and natural environment. Daniel established and co-runs the electronic music label and collective Monatronic since 2004.

NOISE CLUB / / Liverpool
— Noise Club have been playing noise in and around Liverpool since 2003, and always try to put on a full psychedelic show with mind blowing visuals. Experimental improvised brain frying music, working with live drawing and sculpture.

plus: HIVE DJS
Not only the sound of virtual stones dropping into infinite wells of zen-like depth or pile-driving 4-to-the-floor techno but all forms of innovative electronica.
and VJ alpha palace ‘A2D’


“Everything Around Us”, by Richard Skellern Music
— ‘Everything Around Us’ uses a combination of sound & visuals to represent the constant ‘soundtrack’ of electrical & industrial noise that surrounds us. Through a performance combining sampling, live instrumentation and the unconventional use of household electrical objects alongside a film capturing Britain’s decaying industrial & urban landscapes, ‘Everything Around Us ’ aims to provoke & stimulate debate about modern society.

“Guitar & Pyro”, by Carl Rohumaa
— A volatile and diverse world of conceptual music and video art created by composer, conceptual artist and video nerd Carl Rohumaa. A live electric guitar (plugged into a huge amplifier) is ritually and systematically destroyed by pyrotechnic means. A voyeuristic and slightly perverse thrill is achieved in watching a horrific, explicit but beautiful narrative unfold. All the audio is live and untreated. Everything you see and hear is really happening. Other than jump editing the only other effects are a slowing down or speeding up of the action. The crackling last breath of the electrics finally melting is followed by a defiant final explosion of life. A satisfying afterglow ending in total burnout follows this climax. Who called the cops? It’s all too late now!

BINARY JAM is SoundNetworks regular live sound performance event /