‘Fated’ at FACT – Support Your Local Film-makers

fated-poster-230.jpgA Date for your diary, its the debut film from a local production company Ace Film and is being Premiered at FACT on December 8 2006

Fated was shot entirely in Liverpool, the local connections being, Nicola Scott, Writer/ Director, Local Cast – Michael Angelis, Craig Charles, Kate Robbins.

Plus Katrine De Candole – Lee Boardman – Brendan Mackey

Local Music Contributions – Kenny Parry, Billy Kinsley, Dave Graham, Ken Farrell, Phil Jones, Victoria Sharpe, Joey Shiels & The Wheels, Wirral Samba Band, Chester Handbag of Harmonies .


(A fairy tale for grown ups. One man’s obsession with his dead love creates a miracle)

When the charismatic, eccentric TATTY loses the love of his life, the beautiful free spirit AMY. He blames himself for her death. A part of him dies too. He takes to drink, and in a state of drunken delirium he creates a statue of his AMY which he places in a derelict church, where he lives, as a tramp, devoted to his statue for the next thirteen years until… New Years Eve, a magical night, the sky explodes with fireworks, the city celebrates and the statue comes alive……. The chase is on for an immortal kiss.


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