FACT: What Does War Mean To You?

What does war mean to you?

From 13 March to 30 May 2010, FACT is presenting an exhibition called MyWar – a radically personal look at conflict through the work of 12 international artists. Their artwork investigates identity, participation and the reality of conflict in a digitally networked world.

To tie in with the exhibition, FACT is working on a project called YourWar to engage local people in the debate and create an audio-visual collection of stories relating to modern conflict.

People can feel distanced and de-sensitised by media coverage of modern war. Through working with Iraq, Afghanistan and Falklands War veterans for the War Veteran Vehicle project last year, FACT discovered there is a lack of  understanding and opportunities to talk about modern conflict. Veterans can feel marginalised, and the public disconnected.
FACT is looking for people to come share their thoughts, feelings and experiences of this highly emotive issue. They can be anyone – young or old, general public, or ex-service, people who have no experience of war, and those that do but haven’t had an opportunity to share it.

The project will be located in FACT’s Media Lounge space and online. The public will be able to come in and record their stories as audio files or scroll through and listen to the stories we collect.
People will also have the opportunity to engage in the debate by texting, Twittering and emailing in their thoughts.

How to get involved/find out more:

• A facilitated recording session with our Engagement team on Saturday, 06 March between noon and 3.00pm in The Box at FACT. There will also be further recording opportunities throughout the exhibition run (dates and times TBC)
• Send your thoughts and comments via email: mywar@fact.co.uk, SMS: send MyWar + message to 60777 (UK only) or Twitter: #MyWar
• Read what others are saying on the MyWar website: http://mywar.fact.co.uk/
• Go to the FACT blog and read posts by FACT’s resident MyWar blogger
• Throughout the exhibition, come to FACT’s Media Lounge and listen to the stories of others, or record your story right there and then.