‘Eyes, Lies & Stories’ Opens Aug 10 2007

Wolstenholme Projects Upcoming Show

‘Eyes, Lies & Stories’

On Friday 10th Aug 2007

In an arena familiar with the grab of the grand aesthetic, ‘Eyes, Lies and Stories’ focuses on the playing out of basic illusory effects and knowing lies in the production of some art-experiences. The exhibition plays on the mechanisms that urge a conscious suspension of disbelief in the
spectator, upon the construction of a possible agreement that encourages more active engagement in the processing of experience and artistic narratives.

This project takes inspiration from incomplete simulations, in the acknowledgement of the concerned artist(ic) imposter, and in situations where anxieties about the unreliability of vision can be accepted as a starting point.

Highlighting the necessity to go along with trickery within artistic experience can reflect the usage of lies in encouraging engagement with reality (think dramatic narratives used in fly on the wall documentaries), and through letting the spectator in on the pretence/staging, a refusal to alienate that spectator’s power to act/react is asserted.

The show aims to bring together artists, whose practice engages in some of these issues of trickery or sleight of hand, employing these methods as a point of departure offering alternative takes on experience.

Featuring works by Savinder Bual, Karen Logan, Karen McLeod, Jamie Moakes, Alix Poscharsky, and Brychan Tudor.

‘Eyes, Lies & Stories’ will launch on Friday the 10th of August, this show also features live performances from 18.30 until 21.30. Running until Sunday 26th August. Opening times 12-18.00 Thursday to Sunday.

11 Wolstenholme Square, Liverpool, (0151 324 1493). Wolstenholme Projects is
an artist-led not-for-profit project space, based in Liverpool city centre
www.wolstenholmeprojects.org wolstenholmeprojects@googlemail.com