Exhibitions at Theatre Clwyd – March – April 07

christine-watson-1.jpgNice place, Theatre Clwyd. Another day trip for us.

Pictured here is Christine Watson‘s ‘Split Table’ 2005.
She has a solo exhibition in the Community Gallery March 12 – April 1 2007 ‘Paintings exploring colour as space and volume; a tension between flat harmony and spatial illusion

Meanwhile in the ‘Oriel Gallery’ (actually Oriel is Welsh for gallery but this is Mold where most people speak scouse I think) is

The Wales Portrait Award is a major new biennale celebrating the art of portrait painting and a total of £30,000 in prize-money has been awarded. The judging panel has been led by Sandy Nairne, Director, National Portrait Gallery, and the exhibition features 55 paintings chosen from UK-wide and International submissions. Little has been done to encourage portraiture in Wales since the late 19th century and this award is designed to redeem this gap in provision and to restore this important art form to its rightful place in a modern Wales. This was an inclusive initiative encouraging entries of original paintings from artists of any age living, working or
born in Wales or any artist who portrayed a Welsh subject.

March 10 – April 14 2007

Clwyd Theatr Cymru