Emma Simcock-Tooth at South Bohemia

“Through the Looking Glass” The creations of Emma Simcock-Tooth, fine artist.

From Tuesday December 5 2006 into 2007

Emma’s portraits are classically painted in oils, in such fine detail they are almost photographic, yet carry a warmth and richness only a gifted artist could breath into canvas.

The classic style of Emma’s beautiful paintings at first belie their character and depth, the subject matter brings to our attention segments of 21st century society which we have not seen depicted with such quality, thought and love.
Portraits of contemporary Goths, tattooed characters, actors and her own husband now have a brilliance only before given to pre-reconnaissance subjects. These fine paintings are guaranteed to be taken by collectors of the best new artists in this country.

At South Bohemia, 196 Smithdown Road
L15 5JT

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