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Dung Beetles and National Insect Week

dung beetlesIts National Insect Week starting Monday June 19th 2006 so I went to the World Museum Liverpool today to see a group of dung beetles having a bit of a party with some fresh Donkey Poo!

The dung, or scarab beetles are particularly attracted to dung, as it is an important part of the mating process. The male beetle finds a piece, rolls it into a ball, buries it and then allows the female to lay eggs on it. Once the eggs hatch, the baby beetle feeds upon the dung ball.

Paul Finnegan, the World Museum Liverpool bug house team leader, says, “This species of beetle recycles dung, and actually adds nutrients to the soil. There are other animals that feed upon dung Рincluding species of flies, butterflies and grasshoppers. Without these insects, we would have a world that is covered in poo!