Dreamspace is Coming to Liverpool

Dreamspace - Maurice Agis

Dreamspace is an interactive public art event. It is a unique work of art made by the artist Maurice Agis. His use of light, colour, form, movement and sound presents a harmonious spatial experience fusing together different disciplines to create this specific abstract space.

Units of Space – There are clusters of units in reds, blues, greens, yellows and greys. You move from one unit to another, from colour to colour, seeing and moving around the space viewing the many relationship that appear. The space pulls you into and around the work. You stand, sit, walk, and lay, as you become part of the space. Your sense of time is challenged. You choose a direction determined by the set of relationships that holds your attention drawing you into a part of the space that is part of the whole this is a transformation experience bringing the abstract idea into the real living world.

Since 1996 Agis has constructed 4 Dreamspace and exhibited these works in 25 venues in cities in Europe visited by 250,000 people.

16 June –16 July 2006, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
Open daily from 12noon to 7pm | Admission: Adults £5, Children, Concessions and Groups £3
Children under 16 must be accompanied by adults | Wheelchair access available

Part of Brouhaha 2006: www.brouhaha.uk.com


  1. i read in echo tonight about the damage done to the Maurice Agis ‘Dreamspace’ installation at the Metropolitan Cathedral.

    Do you know if it will be up and running again in the very near future and is it still available to visit?

  2. Damn! I hadn’t heard about that. That’s truly dreadful and upsetting. I met Maurice and the others on Friday and they were delighted with it at the time, now they must be heartbroken.

    The report says they hope to have it fixed by tomorrow.
    I’ll check with the promoters and post it on the blog when I get any news.

  3. Ummm, I heard 2 people died when the dreadfully upsetting damage was done. I guess since it did not occur in Iraq, or Lebanon, it is not worth mentioning…


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