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De-junk Re-junk Exhibition in Birkenhead Park

Merseyside based artists use rubbish to recreate into artwork and craftwork to be displayed in the Birkenhead Park Visitors Centre from the 18th of July until the 31st of July. This follows on from last year’s more community based exhibition in May 2010 in the Park which provided an overview of what is happening with creative recycling in Wirral in community groups with the addition of local artists who work with recycled materials. Following her involvement with the organisation of last year’s show, Alison Bailey Smith has been approached by Wirral Council to be involved with this year’s show:-

“This year, the exhibition has taken a different approach and I have collected my “junk”, part of my old kitchen and utility room and given them to artists who attend “With These Hands”, my networking event for Wirral based visual artists and craftspeople and also extended the call for entry wider by posting on Facebook to other Merseyside based artists. With various collection days and delivery of work, the artists have taken from my hoard to re-create into their own creations using their skills, ideas and imagination. The work will be displayed on plinths and walls made from recycled materials collected from Freecycle.”

Alison’s contribution to the show is an alternative chain of Office for the Mayor. The outgoing Mayor, Alan Jennings has provided her with images of the chain and badge of office and she recreated it using tin from cans and tubes and wire from old televisions. Other highlights of the show include mosaics made from broken plates, tea strainers and glass from bus shelters, a reproduction of litter on a local pavement made entirely from recycled materials and a beautiful chain maille chain made from wire ripped out from a local house during rewiring.

Image: Roy Lewis – sun dial made from bike parts