Clayton Sq. Big Screen Action This Week

The Hand from Above

There are two new fun interactive installations at the Big Screen Liverpool this week, both screen-specific commissions. Hand from Above is unique to Liverpool and will appear here before touring to 21 sites across the UK in the BBC/Olympic Big Screen network. It is only the second ever showing of Hungry Hungry Eat Head after it’s premiere at the Big Screen Edinburgh during this year’s Fringe Festival.


BBC Big Screen Liverpool: HAND FROM ABOVE

As part of the Abandon Normal Devices festival of cinema and new media taking place at FACT, Hand from Above is a new commission for the Big Screen that aims to interrupt our normal routine as we rush by. Inspired by Land of the Giants and Goliath, designer Chris O’Shea has created a giant hand that will plunge into view and pick up, tickle and even squash shoppers and pedestrians as they pass by. Look out!

Wed 23rd – Sun 27th September 2009, daily at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm for one hour each time.

Hungry Hungry Eat Head
Hungry Hungry Eat Head


Transform your head into animated cartoon characters by approaching the Big Screen as it becomes a magic mirror for one day only. Using motion-tracking technology, stewards will provide magic markers to hold to your chest in Clayton Square so that participants of all ages can switch their own head for that of a giant frog, furry monster or happy cloud.

Saturday 26th September 2009 ONLY, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm for one hour each time