Chapman Brothers coming to Tate – December 06

Ah, this endless stream of good exhibition news. What a wonderful place Liverpool is for us art-lovers.

deathshead 1997 c. jake & dinos chapmanJake and Dinos Chapman
15 December 2006 – 4 March 2007

Jake and Dinos Chapman (born in 1962 and 1966 respectively) are among the most significant and best-known contemporary British artists working today, having risen to prominence with the so-called Young British Artist generation of the 1990s. This exhibition at Tate Liverpool will be the first full-scale, mid-career survey of the Chapmans’ art and will include important works from all phases of their career.

The Chapman brothers will be creating new work specially for the exhibition, that will sit alongside key works such as Disasters of War 1993, Great Deeds Against the Dead 1994, Fuck Face 1994, Zygotic acceleration, biogenetic de-sublimated libidinal model (enlarged x 100) 1995, The Chapman Family Collection 2002, Sex 2003 and Death 2004, Injury to Insult to Injury 2004, Hell Sixty-Five Million Years BC 2004/5 and Like a Dog Returns to its Vomit 2005. The exhibition will present a body of work that is complex, intelligent and spectacular, combining influences from philosophy, psychoanalysis, art history and popular culture.

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  1. I have not as yet seen this current chapman bros retro-speculation (though I am familiar with some of their work)but may I say one thing loud and clear. I am NOT even mildly shocked by their work (as most ‘art critics keep writing we are). Why is this ? Women like myself are by now thoroughly immune to world-wild male misogyny and are no longer shockable.We are being barb-wired on a daily basis by the XY chromosone. Shockable would be men showing us warmth and respect.
    I have yet to read a review of the show written by a woman. Instead we are forced to peruse articles by the likes of Waffle-on Januszczak in the weary hope that we might find some reference to woman-hating in the pieces, but alack alas, to no avail..
    Yours very unphased, Marceltina.


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