Celebrate Arabic culture this weekend

Arabic Cultural Foundation Exhibition

An exhibition celebrating Arabic culture opens at World Museum Liverpool for this weekend only, 22-23 April 2006.

Special events, organised by the Arabic Cultural Foundation, will provide a unique opportunity to learn more about all things Arabic, from calligraphy to the kitchen. Touch, sound, taste, scent and vision will be used to evoke the diverse and rich cultures of Arab countries, from North Africa to the Middle East.

The programme will include:

* The Arabic Cultural Foundation’s children’s art exhibition.
* Coming Together Through Calligraphy – a look at the history of Arabic calligraphy and art.
* Traditional Clothing – featuring examples of traditional Middle Eastern dress
* The Incense Trail – a wide variety of different scents, perfumes and incense for everyone to try.
* An Arab Kitchen – a look at some of the pots and utensils used for generations in a traditional Arab kitchen.
* Hands-on activities for children – flag making, worksheets, badge making, Arabic exercises and world culture trails.
* Currency Collection – an assortment of bank notes, coins and designs from across the Arab nations.

Other special timed events include:


* Tastes of the Middle East – a chance to try Arabic coffee with a variety of different dates and sweets from the region. (12 noon and 2pm)
* Arabic Cultural Foundation’s Shotokan Karate Demonstration –
Meet the Karate club including members of the GB team training for the 2010 London Olympics. (12.15 and 2.15pm)
* Peace Presentation – A tour by F. Khan of her work; the development and diversity of Islamic art. (Every hour)

The exhibition offers an insight into the work of The Arabic Cultural Foundation, a community initiative, which has recently been nominated for the ‘Best Youth Group’ in the Community Foundation Merseyside’s (With patronage of Cherie Booth QC) ‘Spirit of Merseyside Awards 2006’.