Capital of Culture, Here I Come!

Just as I’m about to fly off to Cork (this years European Capital of Culture) the Liverpool Echo prints an article saying how the Cork effort has all been a bit of a damp squib so far…

Such has been the concern at the style and substance of Cork’s celebrations one grass-roots group felt compelled to spring into action. Its name? “Where’s Me Culture?”

“It was felt that the year had kind of crept up on people and that little information was coming out -and what there was was not very inspiring,” says group member Dave MacArdle.

“The Cork 2005 logo includes a picture of a firework, but we were worried it was going to turn into a damp squib. So we thought instead of being cynical we’d try and harness various groups in the city.”

I must say, the listings I’ve seen on the website so far this year have not excited me greatly but I’m sure I’ll find some interesting stuff. Anyway, one of my favourite bands, Caribou, are playing there on Saturday night so I’ve that to look forward to.

I shall, of course, relate my Irish art adventures when I return. Meanwhile this blog will be quiet for a few days.


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