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Café SciArt at Tate – March & April Talks

Café SciArt
The Café SciArt series of talks and discussions exploring art and science continue with some leading lights from the worlds of art and science talking about exhibitions at Tate Liverpool and exploring the cross-over between the disciplines of art and science.

Tuesday March 20, 2007
Mike Bode, Professor of Astrophysics, John Moores University
Images of the Universe
While the exhibition on the second floor at Tate Liverpool is championing Liverpool as the Centre of the Creative Universe, Professor Mike Bode will consider how the universe as a whole is imaged and how this affects our perception and understanding of it.

Tuesday 17 April, 2007
David Buckland: Director of the Cape Farewell Project
Artists and Global Warming
David Buckland, founder of Cape Farewell (bringing artists, scientists and educators together to collectively address and raise awareness about climate change) will talk about artistic and scientific expeditions to the Antarctic as well as commenting on the large scale installation of the summit of Everest in The Real Thing exhibition at Tate Liverpool, a souvenir of an ascent made by artist Xu Zhen and collaborators.

Tate Liverpool Café
18.00 – 19.30
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