Bluecoat Hosts a Day of Conspiracies – 27 Feb 2010

Dr Bill Aitchison



With increased reports of flying objects and ­attempted alien abductions, and everyone from Dana Scully to Danny Dyer promising ‘the truth is out there’, our obsession with conspiracy theories shows no signs of waning.

Where there is a major event, there is usually a major conspiracy to boot. And adding further fuel to the conspiracy fire is the Bluecoat’s Views from the Grassy Knoll event on Saturday 27 Feb 2010, from 2.00-10.00pm.

Curated and headlined by esteemed international artist and researcher Dr Bill Aitchison, this free day of conspiracy talks, screenings and performances will reveal everything from links between the war on terror and dog cloning, to Mayan astronomy and the novels of Saddam Hussein.

Aitchison arrives at the Bluecoat as part of a world tour and will deliver his groundbreaking conspiracy lecture, 2012.


Other conspiracy theorists appearing include Thomas Shephard, an artist living in Liverpool, whose talk exposes power structures that kill culture in the name of capitalism –different wording?

Author Peter Goddard will examine the case of Ali Abbas, whose photograph of a boy, severely injured after a rocket attack, became an iconic image of the Iraq war. He will suggest how this image was represented by the British press to fit agendas about civilian suffering and charity, that had very little to do with the genuine suffering of the Iraqi people.

Anthropologist Jane Parish’s examines the occult economy and conspiracy theorising, specific to African communities in Liverpool.

Reporter and lecturer Adrian Quinn discusses conspiracy theories in contemporary society, drawing on examples from the 2001 book, The Age of Anxiety: Conspiracy Theory & the Human Sciences, to which he contributes.

Artistic Director at the Bluecoat, Bryan Biggs said: “From the bloodline of Christ to celebrity deaths, the world has long been fascinated by conspiracy theories, and Views from the Grassy Knoll provides a platform from which to investigate intriguing phenomena.

“Through presentations by leading conspiracy theorists, the event sets out to challenge some of our assumptions and preconceptions about our contemporary world”

FREE – The Bluecoat Performance Area

Dr Bill Aitchison
Dr Bill Aitchison