Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Bit of a preview for a future FACT show

“In the 14 films and more than 50 photos that make up “Everything Fell
German artist Christian Jankowski embraces the unpredictable. In his collaborative work, he partly relinquishes control to random factors: child actors, poodles, televangelists and mystics, even Korean karaoke video producers […]

In a work called “The Matrix Effect” from 2000, Jankowski conducted
interviews with such famous artists as Sol LeWitt, Louise Lawler, Adrian Piper and Christo, who took part in the Matrix Program at the Wadsworth Atheneum museum in Connecticut. Then he cast children to re-enact the interviews as if they were the artists. The children struggle with the words artists used, and it turns into an accidentally educational piece, hinting at the agelessness of art.”

No word as to when it will be in these parts. After a spell in Des Moine it moves on to Massachusetts.