Birgit Deubner – May 23 – More Info


Wednesday 23rd May 2007
Anglican Cathedral

Improvised musical performance by Steve Boyland, Jonathan Raisin and Ray Dickaty starting at !8:45h

A short project outline:

Devotional Choreography :
The catalyst for this installation is the divisive force with which I observe a great number of people responding to cultural identities that differ from the respective indigenous one..
I will draw focus on the visual poetry of movement and gesture, which devotees of religion have over centuries developed to honour and express their faith and temporarily taking the role of the choreographer of an interplay; a chorus;
a series of pas de deux between cultures…

(ORIGIN of Choreography: from Greek khoreia ‘dancing in unison’ (from khoros ‘chorus’ ) + -graphy )

I am seeking out what is shared between and across cultures, unifying emblems of what make all of us equally human..

The project investigates specifically ritual movements made during devotional practices as these rituals are common to all faiths. The exact choreography differs, but like in any good performance on a stage, individual choreographies combine to a potentially holistic whole.. The grammar and composition used within dance is just as valid applied to life. For a harmonic performance a certain generosity and empathy towards fellow performers is required.
These movements and rituals will be shown as a multi screen projection which explores the aesthetics of the endlessly repeated choreography that accompanies devotional practices. I am orchestrating a dance about cultural kinship..