Birgit Deubner at Liverpool Cathedral May 23

From Birgit Deubner who has a film installation in the Anglican Cathedral. There are technical problems at present but will hopefully be working ok on Wednesday evening when there will be a performance from…

Steve Boyland- voice,
Ray Dickaty- saxophone and
Jonathan Raisin, piano.

Wednesday May 23 2007 in the Anglican Cathedral 18:30h sharp-ish as I am not sure whether the doors will be locked to keep hoodlums out…

No wine, because I am broke. However I wonder…:
If my audience wants to bring a bottle of wine and I will pay for the cork charge that the Cathedral will raise… So… That seems like an idea to me.

Also I will put a bowl out, to collect any donations in case anyone feels inclined, in order to pay the musicians, they have been good and have not asked me for anything, but they are first rate (Seriously !! High quality) and I would like them to have at least something..

But none of the above is in any way compulsory and guilt feelings will not be applied…