Bid for a Masterpiece at Cornerstone. Fri 12 Dec

or, if not a masterpiece, you may at least get a genuine one-off Jackson (Ian or Minako) piece. Our postcard size works are in there amongst all the real artists and celebrities who contribute to Liverpool’s cultural life and development.

So there’s pieces by Sir Peter Blake, Holly Johnson, Terry Duffy, Mike McCartney, Martin Greenland, Paul O’Grady, Geoff Molyneux etc. etc.  80 works in total and the bidding starts at £10 at the silent auction next Friday 12 December 2008 starting at 17.30. See you there, should be fun.

All money raised goes to the Artists’ General Benevolent Institution.

There’s some amazing works even 3d ones. You can see all the artworks on the cornerstone website.