BBC Two Programmes – School of Saatchi, Episode 1

BBC – BBC Two Programmes – School of Saatchi, Episode 1.

Probably be complete rubbish but as its about art and Matthew Collings is in it, I’ll give it a try.

Today, 21:00 on BBC Two

Charles Saatchi, the powerful art world kingmaker behind the Brit Art revolution, is looking for the next Tracey Emin or Damien Hirst. He will select six unknown artists and set them up in their own east London studio. Here they will be commissioned to make a series of ambitious artworks which will be assessed by Saatchi and a panel of experts. Ultimately Saatchi will select one artist to join his next major exhibition, Newspeak: British Art Now, at the Hermitage Gallery in St Petersburg, and offer them the additional opportunity of their own studio for three years. The series will explore the strange and controversial world of contemporary art and try to discover the substance that lies behind the hype.

An esteemed selection panel, consisting of artist Tracey Emin, critic and broadcaster Matthew Collings, art collector Frank Cohen and Barbican curator Kate Bush, whittle down thousands of applicants to 12 artists they think worthy of being seen by Charles Saatchi. In their hunt for artists with real potential, the panel are confronted by the full bizarre array of artists and artwork that constitutes contemporary art. These 12 are then invited to exhibit work for Charles Saatchi himself who, with panel’s advice, will pluck six of them from obscurity to enjoy the bounties of his patronage for ten weeks in his art studio.


  1. After watching the first episode all I can say is any Artist
    who says doing life drawing is a cliché is a moron!!
    considering everything that is man made started off as lines on
    paper, makes the “life drawing is a cliché” statement completely
    Art does not begin and end with conceptual art!!

  2. The programme wasn’t so bad after all, they even threw in the odd bit of art history. I agree it is important to learn the basics such as drawing skills and spend time and practice mastering them. Not sure it always has to be a naked woman though – maybe thats the cliche. And if in the end you can’t draw a perfect likeness does that mean you cannot be a good artist?

  3. I found the programme to be an utter disgrace to education, vacuous,
    self deluding, empty headed, bunkum. Contestants, most of whom had ‘graduated’, could barely draw, farcical.

    Mathew Collings has some kind of reputation, however, comments from the panel were as empty of meaning as the majority of the offerings.

    I’ve seen much more genuine ‘art’ and integrity on the cooking competition programmes where extremely hard working and dedicated chefs produce genuinely individual, original, and artisitically presented meals with colours shapes textures and flavours prepared with everyday ingredients.

    The juding panel, and the contestants, live in a self deluding, verbose, derivative, world of myopic fantasy. Let them get on with it, shame making piffle.

  4. The only artist on last night’s episode of School of Saatchi was the young girl with the portrait of a tattoo man – I think her name was Khana Evans? She said the only sensible thing on the show when she said that it was all ‘bollocks!’. She’s damn right!!! The talented ones walked and the talentless have a lot to learn about real art.

  5. I feel for all contestants. Facing the insecurity and jealousies of some self-proclaimed slick art experts. Even though the process and its panel is much annoying, the prize for the chosen one will be very real. The absurd indeed reached its climax when one of the jurors claimed: “Even I could have done that drawing much better” – but you didn’t !
    Very sad is, that nobody on the show obviously knows what art really is.

    If the young artists like to know what art is, I am happy to enlighten them any time. For the panel I am afraid it might be to late.


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