‘Artists Included’ Opens at Cathedral August 20 07

‘Artists Included’ is the title of the unique arts event held by national care charity CIC (Community Integrated Care) at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral in August.

The exhibition runs from August 20th until August 31st 2007. It will feature the work of sixteen people from across the UK, who access a range of CIC services; from learning difficulties and mental health support, addictions counseling, older person’s services to homelessness accommodation. To view some of the exhibited pieces please visit http://www.c-i-c.co.uk/artistsincluded/default.asp

‘Artists Included!’ is an exhibition of artwork and creativity by service users of Community Integrated Care (CIC). Many of the pieces exhibited are emotive expressions of social isolation, whereas others are a celebration of being part of a caring, inclusive community.

CIC is a national social and health care charity committed to delivering person centred approaches to combat exclusion.

We provide services in a variety of settings from Elgin to Portsmouth. We support individuals with learning difficulties, physical disabilities and/or mental health needs in their own home. We deliver addictions counselling at our day services and accommodation for homeless young people. We also provide support and nursing care for older people in residential care homes, or in their own homes.

Our diverse community aims to encourage social inclusion for all of its service users, hence the title ‘Artists Included!’