Liverpool Artist Leo Fitzmaurice plans a “Transformation” of The Lowry’s Promenade Gallery – Chester Chronicle.

Looking forward to seeing this.

THE Lowry’s Promenade Gallery will become a work of art as artist Leo Fitzmaurice moves in to combine the building’s architecture with his unique interpretation of commercial packaging.

For his Transformations 3 commission, Panoramia, Fitzmaurice will create artwork based on the design of 35mm photographic film boxes.

The artist will translate the designs of these familiar packages on a spectacular scale, while highlighting and adding to the Promenade Gallery’s architecture.

Everyday material that we take for granted will be transformed to produce a sensational effect. Vibrant colours will engulf the space with a striking fusion of design and architecture.

Fitzmaurice said: “The outcome is somewhere between graphics, sculpture, architecture, theatre design, and landscape painting.”


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