Art Auction and other News from Transvoyeur

Transvoyeur Art Auction

The Liverpool Collective of the Transvoyeur artists have come together to contribute a selection of art of a diverse nature for an auction.

This will be held on

Wednesday 16 August 2006, 19.00 onwards

at the
Egg Space Gallery
Newington Buildings
16-18 Newington
L1 4ED
Email: or

We look forward to meeting you on the night …

Auctioneer: Peter Worthington (Director of South Bohemian Gallery)
Guest Curator: Tony Knox
Transvoyeur Management Team (Liverpool): Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney, Jo Derbyshire, George Lund and Tony Knox.

In association with Transvoyeur, Headspace, Podgy and South Bohemia Gallery:

New website address for Transvoyeur …

For further information, please e-mail:

Liverpool Collective: Agata Alcaniz, Gianni Bianchini, Jo Derbyshire, Dorrie Halliday, Elizabeth Heritage,Tony Knox, George Lund, Tommy McHugh, Catherine Shea, Gary Sollars, Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney and Ben Youdan.


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