Art at the Opticians

stephen fry by james lavottI wouldn’t go quite so far as to say I enjoy visiting my optician especially when it results in my wallet being emptied but at least Chris at Optimark in Bold Street makes the effort to improve the experience by covering some of the walls with often lively and colourful paintings.

The works are changed periodically so we often pop in as we’re passing just to see what’s new. The current show is by James Lavott whose work was supplied by Dot Art. As I said, they’re very colourful and seem to be depicting parties or club / pub scenes with lots of wine glasses, bottles etc. in a chaotic mix.

He has also painted a very good portrait of Stephen Fry but you’ll have to book an eye test to see it up close as its in the examination room. (not really – just ask to see it)

See Art – James Lavott
6 July 2009 onwards
at Optimark. Bold Street