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Andy Fung at The Bridewell Soon

fung-flyer-front.jpgSomething quite different for the Bridewell, it will be interesting to see the walls of the old police station painted with Andy Fung‘s contemporary designs.
The preview is on Friday which is Thank You Art Day so there’s specially commissioned ‘I Heart Art’ food available.

Out of Site.
An Installation by Andy Fung

Preview: Friday 9th March at 18.00

Open Saturday 10th March to Saturday 7th April
Wednesday to Saturday 12-5pm

Graffiti Workshops for Children and Young Adults:
Wednesday 11th April 1-3pm
Saturday 14th April 2-4pm

For a week before the opening of Out Of Site, Andy Fung will work in The Bridewell Studios Gallery space painting directly onto its interior walls. His artwork will reflect his intuitive response to the architecture of the gallery space, as well as subtlety alluding to elements of the Bridewell’s unique history as a centre of law enforcement.

This artist’s work is usually temporary, with all of his gallery-based installations being cleared away at the end of each show. However Out of Site will become a permanent fixture of The Bridewell Studios Gallery when the space is renovated later this year. As new facades are built over the original stonewalls, the work will become encased between two layers within the fabric of the building, making it a part of the gallery that will be forever present but always out of sight.

Andy Fung’s installations reference images from contemporary culture. They grow intuitively out of the chaotic marks that he generates. His work has recently been exhibited at The Manorhouse Gallery in Denbighshire, Eco Vandalism in Sydenham woods, London and The 16th International Drawing Exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art in Croatia. He is also a member of the ‘Cymbient’ music group and has toured with The Super Furry Animals.

On Friday 9th of March during the exhibition preview, The Bridewell Gallery will join in celebrations of international Thank You Art Day, with specially commissioned I Heart Art food by local artists.