Sunday, May 26, 2024


In my list for this week I should have mentioned Open Eye who have the Jerwood Photography Awards (2004) starting on Friday Apr 8th.
In fact, its a good period for photography. There’s Ben Zuhlcke’s show at Urban Coffee next week, Terry O’Neill’s celebrity photos at the Walker starting May 21st and 59 Rodney St – Chambre Hardman’s house has re-opened after the winter break. 59 Rodney St was the home and studio of Edward Chambre Hardman from 1947 to 1988, he made a living from photo portraits of local people especially the wealthy. But he’s also well known for many outstanding landscape images of the area. Its a National Trust property, you have to book in a advance for a tour of the building which is a shame, I’d love to just wander round at my own pace.