Abstractions by Lily Cheung


Abstractions by Lily Cheung
Written by Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney.
14 June 2008

London based Chinese UK born artist, Lily Cheung, whom grew up in Liverpool, has recently exhibited a series of new work for her BA (Hons) Fine Art at the London Metropolitan University End of Year Exhibition.

This is a collection that has been two years in research on the concepts and processes of mark making and printing techniques. Inspired by the visual dialogue of Jean Dubuffet and Jackson Pollocks in their rhythmic and random approach, she allows the innate energies of her creative expressions to transcend and evolve. This approach realises organic structures, lines, textures and forms of various depths and intensity.

The abstractions entice the viewer to dissect these almost quite biological and primordial metamorphous annotations, which seem to multiply like cellulous visions to encapsulate the senses.

Cheung stated: “Private collectors have already expressed an interest in buying part of this new work”.

Now she has completed her studies in Fine Art, her future plans are two fold. She explains: “I intend to work in the contemporary arts market to learn more on the business front of gallery practice. In conjunction with this, I wish to expand on this work further of organic abstractions in various forms of print making and in sculpture”.

The exhibitions runs from 10-20 June 2008 at London Metropolitan University, Central House, 59.63 High Street, London, E1 7PF (nearest tube: Aldgate East).

For further information on the art of Cheung go to:
e: lilycheung93@hotmail.com
w: http://composite-online-gallery.webs.com/