Friday, June 9, 2023
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A Sleepy Weekend in Liverpool

Ah, music and sleeping. Two of our favourite things. Music and Sleeping in an arts centre – what could be better? Well I suppose we could lie on the sofa at home with the headphones on but we’d miss out on the social experience, being part of an art event etc.

So, on the night of 16th or 17th of January we could join in the sleepover at FACT for Luke Jerram‘s unique Dream Director event. Participants will sleep overnight in one of the galleries and, having entered their dream states, will be played ambient sounds to enhance the content of their dreams. There are a limited number of tickets remaining, so click here if you’re interested in attending.

Then on Sunday 18th January at 20.00, Bluecoat hosts Amos and his ‘Music for Sleeping’ concert  The show will feature music in 4.4 surround with LOTS of deep sub; mats on the floor, projections on the ceiling by Sam Meech and Pete Bamford, and a bedtime-themed bar menu. Bring your own bedding. Roll up, lie down, drop off.

Tickets are available from the Bluecoat Tickets & Information desk, via the internet at, or over the phone on 0151 7025324.