‘A Proper Horrorshow’ Opens at Redwire, Fri Sep 14


A Proper Horrorshow
An exhibition of new work by Roxy Topia & Oliver Braid
At Redwire Gallery, Victoria St.

Opening Evening, Friday 14th September 2007
Exhibition runs 15th – 29th September 2007

Presenting their first solo collection of new art works, the outcome of a collaborative practise over the last ten months, Roxy Topia & Oliver Braid have produced an exhibition which draws from a wide range of ideas, characters, movements and methods.

Bringing together a deep study of Whoopi Goldberg, a light understanding of Immanuel Kant, possible predictions and implausible press releases, A Proper Horrorshow is a remix of genuine experiences, improvised facts and celebrated fantasies.

Roxy Topia (b. 1982) graduated from Kent Institute of Art & Design in July 2006.
Oliver Braid (b. 1984) graduated from Falmouth College of Art in July 2006.

They have been working collaboratively since December 2006, alongside solo and curatorial practise.



  1. Good luck to Redwire with their upcoming exhibition.

    Kant I did in my Art History Degree before the Fine Art one and I ended up dizzy with the defining of objective, whether with a capital or not to infer different contextualisations. Aaahhhh!!! Still does my head in now! LOL!
    Back to the point! Hope the exhibition goes well for them?
    Ronyag Nyleve Yeneews
    (aka: Moi! Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney … Playing of late with Dadaist tactics with text as my siblings and I did in child hood … Does anyone remember the Monster Game too? Maybe, Redwire should have this for their opening! Sorry, but I loved it and still play it even now with my neices. The game where you fold the paper into four sections. Someone does the head and folds over so the other can not see and then the other draws maybe shoulders to waste and so on, until the whole form of something is done. Loved it!)


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