100 Heads moves to new Venue on Saturday

Roger-Phillips.jpgAnthony Brown’s portraits of 100 Liverpool people moves from the Post & Echo building (Feb 28 2007 is the last day) to the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral on Saturday March 3 2007 and will be there until March 30th.

In May it moves to the Williamson Gallery in Birkenhead then St George’s Hall in August.
So you have no excuse to miss this excellent exhibition.

Check out the website for all the latest news:

Here’s what Alan Bleasdale says

“Anthony‚Äôs great achievement with this monumental set of images is simply this – THEY REMIND YOU!

Obviously he has captured most brilliantly some of the people involved in the recent history of this fast and glorious but sometimes daft city of ours. However, personally, he made me go back into my memories and old photograph albums and find the people I love and put them with me, where they belong.

As I said, they remind you…”

This picture is of Roger Phillips, Actor and Broadcaster.