Artwork of the Week – Yves Netzhammer

Photo of detail by Minako Jackson

Liverpool artwork of the week 2010-38. ‘Dialogical Abrasion’ by Yves Netzhammer at FACT 18 September to 28 Novembers 2010 as part of Liverpool Biennial

Don’t ask me to explain this, it’s just weirdly wonderful. Small low-level rooms with lights going on and off and soundscape by Bernd Schurer accompany the animation.

Yves Netzhammer (born 1970) is a Swiss artist who lives in Zurich, his work reflects on fundamental, even subconscious, aspects of the human condition. In his new commission for FACT, a three-dimensional animation focuses on characters who are struggling to remember situations that are lost or strangely misshapen by the memories of the collective consciousness.

Using a highly simplified aesthetic, his animations create a wordless, dream-like universe where the viewer is challenged to interpret and associate the situations presented. In FACT’s Gallery 2, his animations are set in a highly surreal and immersive sculptural installation with a soundscape by collaborator and composer Bernd Schurer.
Text from FACT