Artwork of the Week – Valentine Card, 19th Century

Liverpool artwork of the week, 2009 – 6. Valentine card, 1850-1900 -Embossed and die stamped paper. National Museums Liverpool Online Collection

The messages were so simple 150 years ago ‘ ‘Thou art to me, As a flower to bee’ it says. Another from the collection says ‘Oh think of me, As I of thee’.

A reminder that you can send valentines e-card from the NML web site, what could be more romantic?

The paper used in these cards was stamped and then sanded off to create the delicate, lace-like holes in the paper. There is more than one layer of paper on the front, which gives a three dimensional effect to the card.

Cards were originally hand made, but during the 19th century they were more commercially produced and they were not just sent to one special person but a whole circle of people.