Artwork of the Week – Stephen Shakeshaft

Old Lady by Candlelight. c. Stephen Shakeshaft


Liverpool artwork of the week 2009-37. ‘Old Lady by Candlelight’ photograph by Stephen Shakeshaft ‘Liverpool People’ at the Conservation Centre 18 September 2009 – 24 January 2010.

One of about 70 wonderful photographs of Liverpool people taken by the former Daily Post & Echo picture editor. They make me really want to hear more of the stories behind the pictures.

STEPHEN SHAKESHAFT: Liverpool People at the National Conservation Centre
18 September 2009 – 24 January 2010
Evocative images captured by top photographer Stephen Shakeshaft show a variety of Liverpool people from local personalities to major stars in everyday surroundings.  The exhibition features about 70 photographs including unpublished gems alongside award-winning images amassed since the 1960s over decades of great social change.

Stephen, former picture editor of the Liverpool Daily Post & Echo, is renowned for his remarkable and varied studies of people including rich and poor, unknown and famous.

In this new exhibition he also reveals some of the secrets of his personal archive, displaying his talent for immortalising ordinary fleeting moments and reflecting the personalities of his subjects. Some may be friends and acquaintances but others he only met once