Artwork of the Week – Stephanie de Leng


Liverpool artwork of the Week 26 – Matta’s Family by Stephanie de Leng from her book People in Liverpool. Exhibition at Liverpool Academy of Arts until July 11 2008

One of several excellent photographs of people in Liverpool from de Leng’s new book.
Everyone with any interest in food knows and loves Matta’s (or should do), its great to see the family lined up in front of their shop in Bold Street. And no cars in sight! How did they manage that?

For the exhibition Stephanie has framed some of the photographs that did not make it into the book alongside the one’s that did make it. Its a good show and you have to visit to read the texts about the subjects as these are not in the book.

There’s a few local celebrities in there – Willy Russell, Drummond Bone, David Fleming, Loyd Grossman, singer Connie Lush etc. but really its more about showing a positive image of Liverpudlians.