Artwork of the Week – Roozbeh Rajaie

Liverpool artwork of the week 2009-35. Ceramic bowls and plates by Roozbeh Rajaie in ‘Umbrella’ at Milk and Sugar 4-11 September 2009.

I love the smooth, elegant designs, there are several more pieces, some with gold colourings in the hollows – beautiful.

Roozbeh is one of  9 artists in this show which is the end of year exhibition by Hope University MA Creative Practice graduates. Its a really good exhibition covering various disciplines, shame its only there this week.
Exhibitors :
Rebecca Hill, Roozbeh Rajaie, Roisin Hyland, Paul Crawford, Andrew Small, Amy Stevenson, Natalie Bennett, Vivien Richmond, Charlotte Owens.

Roozbeh says
“In Persia it is tradition that family households place large bowls, plates and vases, filled with fruit and flowers on the table to avoid an aesthetic empty space, irrespective of the waste of fruit it creates.

Bringing together my knowledge of Persian and Eastern architecture, together with influential modern western design, I have sought to discuss the structural, minimal and aesthetic possibilities between these vessels and their purpose.

The double wall thickness’ contrasted with minimal internal and external surfaces seek to convey an emptiness and loneliness at the centre of its concept.”


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