Artwork of the Week – Pair of espadrilles!

Liverpool artwork of the week 2009-23. Pair of espadrilles, linen and wool, 1910 in ‘A Sweet Life – Fashion in a Liverpool sugar merchant’s family’ at Sudley House. 9 April 2009 to Spring 2010.

I thought the canvas shoes I bought at the weekend looked pretty cool but if I was able to travel back in time 100 years I could have got these really flash espadrilles. They probably only cost a few pence too.

The exhibition showcases some of the highlights of the enormous Tinne Collection of clothing.

Whole wardrobes of clothes, as worn by one family over many years, are very rare, especially one of this size which includes more than 700 items.

The Tinne Collection of clothes, worn by a Liverpool lady, Emily Tinne, and her six children between about 1910 and 1940, is just such a rare survivor.

The collection was previously seen in the exhibition A Passion for Fashion, held at the Walker Art Gallery in 2006. Since then a huge collection of the family’s letters has come to light, giving a fascinating insight into their lifestyle. Excerpts are included in this new exhibition to give a flavour of their lifestyle and of the period.

Sudley House, Liverpool


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